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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

Why you need to pay people to leave your organization

It’s time for you to pay people to leave your organization. There, I said it. Your organization is carrying around dead weight. Be honest with yourself. There are always going to be people that may be proficient at their work, but they will never really care about the goals or success of your company…

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Stop Hiring Mercenaries

You have to stop hiring mercenaries for you company right now! We’ve conditioned them to only do the things we ask for the money we provide, which is a setup formula for the bare minimum employee. They don’t care about your company…

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Burn the RIGHT Bridges!

Burning bridges is often viewed as a negative thing. If you are talking about ridding yourself of lifelong friends for personal gain then I would agree. However, I suggest that there are things in your life right NOW that you should distance yourself from…

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How to Build an Empire While Surfing: UGG Founder’s Surprising Insight

I recently had the honor of interviewing UGG Founder, Brian Smith, on my podcast and a couple things struck me immediately. First off, he’s a laid back, wide grinning, and truly personable individual… and why wouldn’t he be?

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Stop Conditioning for NO

Do you say ‘NO’ too often? Okay, that was a bit of trick question. We live in a society that allows for ample excuses on why ‘NO’ is acceptable. Yes, no can be a valuable phrase for when friends…

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If You’re Not Flambé, You’re just Flan

In a late night conversation over a beer with Victor Antonio, one of the world’s leading sales trainers, we had a frank discussion about what necessary for a person to be impactful. While the discussion meandered constantly, one of the main things…

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3 ways to Gamify your Workplace

It all starts with airport bingo. “What the heck is airport bingo?” you might be asking. Well, that’s the exact same question my wife asked when we had a 2.5 hour layover in a smallish sized airport. We were taking a personal trip and in my haste…

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Reframe to Reap the Gain – An Exercise in Looking at the Positive

Putting your best foot forward is always advisable. You wear your best business attire to a job interview, you highlight your best qualities on a first date, and you fight the urge to look down at your phone when you are meeting with someone…

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Check Your Ego at the Door

Ego has no place in an office. Modern day businesses have all sorts of politics, posturing, sabre rattling, and chest thumping. While seen as a necessity for gaining power, it is hugely detrimental to the goals of any organization…

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14 ways to rekindle your Enthusiasm for work

Everyone started their first day of work from a place of enthusiasm. It’s day 300 where the challenges seem overwhelming and the pay seems too small for what you have to put up with. We all long for that excitement again. We all want to feel…

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