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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

What have we forgotten?

This past week the world watched as the first astronauts in almost a decade lifted off from US soil. For a moment we were all united, we were all part of something bigger than ourselves. Even during the Covid-19…

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Hire Good People, Not Good Employees

In a recent interview I conducted with Matt Jung, the founder of Comfort Research and BigJoe Products, he discussed his organization’s ethos on hiring. He said “We don’t want to hire good employees, we want…

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Don’t be a Coward

What do you do when someone doesn’t fit on your team? (hint: don’t be a coward).You, like many other people in leadership roles, will inevitably be faced with a situation…

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Never Hire Based on Qualifications!

Too often people spend countless hours writing a list of qualifications for a position with a dream candidate in mind. While it is understandable that we all want the best people for our companies…

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The High Cost of Low Employee Engagement

Everyone hopes their employees are engaged in their work. However, according to a recent poll they probably aren’t. Engaged Employees are great! They are genuinely more likable, more committed to their work…

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What are the Drivers of Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement is an important part of any successful company. Executives and managers are continually asking themselves “What are the most important factors that contribute to an employee’s engagement at work?”

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6 Ways to Reduce Turnover

Every organizations dreads turnover. All the time and money spent on training an employee disappears behind a letter of resignation. How can we lower turnover and make your people want to stay?

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No One Willingly Leaves Paradise.

The first thing that comes to mind is someone on vacation. Enjoying themselves, wondering why they would ever return to their normal lives. Forget that association for moment. I am speaking about building a workplace paradise for employees and staff members…

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How to Hire Better Staff, Without Paying a Premium

In the hospitality and travel industries, there is no greater variable than the attitudes of staff and employees. You could choose any group of colleagues and have the same results. Every group has over achievers, under achievers…

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5 Tips to get Full-Time work from Seasonal Staff (…and Full-time staff)

One of the largest problems in the hospitality industry is keeping staff members engaged and committed. With some of the highest turnover rates of any industry, it is important that your guest-facing staff stay at the top of their game…

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