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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

What You Take Into A Conversation Is What You Take Out Of It

Keeping an open mind makes communication much easier. You need to be aware of what you are bringing into a conversation in order to get the most out of it…

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Don’t Settle

If you want to be better, stop settling! If we settle for less than what we can do or what we deserve it’s what we’ll get. This episode is all about why you need to stop settling so you can stop leaving money on the table…

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To Progress You Have To Stop Being Paranoid

Carrying angst and worry around with you will hold you back. In reality, no one is out to get you even if your paranoia is telling you otherwise. Paranoia keeps you distracted and looking out for the next bad thing to happen when you can instead use this energy to progress…

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You Cannot Be Great If You’re Surrounded By OK

It happens without even trying — you play to the level of the people around you. If you’re surrounded by an average team, you will not perform at your highest level. You NEED to surround yourself by great peers…

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If Your Want To Have Better Organization, You Have To Make It Happen

If you’re unhappy with something in your organization, YOU can make those changes. You don’t have to just put up with something you’re unhappy with. It’s nobody else’s responsibility – if you want a better organization, you have to make it happen…

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Tolerance is Tantamount to Endorsement

Tolerance of a behavior is tantamount to the endorsement of that behavior — and this applies to everything. If nobody has stopped the behavior, nobody will think this behavior is wrong. I dive a little deeper into this concept in this episode – stay tuned!

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If You Want Significant Results, You Need To Be Significantly Better

Everybody wants results, but if you’re not significantly better, you’re just average. In this episode, I share an example from a phenomenal woman I met recently who embodies this perfectly. How can YOU do this?

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Don’t Let Others Go Slow in your Passing Lane

It happen in work and in our personal lives where we are moving a lot faster than the people around us. We all have our comfort speed and there is always a time and a place to pause and rethink what you’re doing, but it’s never okay to let people go slow in your passing lane…

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Change What You Can, Forget What You Can’t

Being worried has never once solved a problem. Instead of worrying, take control. If you can’t change it, forget about it and stop worrying…

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Ban Complaining Now

Letting people complain around the office spreads their negative energy. In this episode, we discuss how you can effectively ban complaining in your workplace to improve the company culture…

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