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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

Setting Clear Boundaries

Clear expectations prevent disappointment. If you let people break the rules that you’ve set for them, they will take advantage of you. By taking your boundaries seriously, others will too…

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Stop Being The Voice Of Reason

Stop being the voice of reason. Start being the voice of support. Sometimes people need to make their own mistakes and fail before they can learn the lesson on their own…

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Setting An Organizational Aspiration

There’s a difference between being paid well and caring about what you do. If you’re not working towards a goal that you care about, your organization is never going to achieve greatness. It will remain stagnant without people having innovation and excitement…

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Being A Good Middle Man

People often talk about cutting out the middle man. But there’s a ton of value having a middle man who can help you make connections and network. Sometimes it’s great to have someone who can take tasks off your hands…

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Seizing Opportunites

Don’t miss out on opportunities because of fear. Seize the right opportunities when they are in front of you rather than waiting around and missing out!

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Your Negativity Is Camouflaged

Uncover your negativity in order to get rid of it. We use many terms in our day to day that help us justify our negativity. But what if we were about to change that with a more positive outlook…

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Don’t Procrastinate

This week Josh talks about how procrastination can hold you back. A lot of people waste time thinking that there will be a “perfect time” to act. In fact, procrastinating and not thinking ahead will often cost you in the long run. So make the perfect time yourself…

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Bring The Emotion Back to Business

This week Josh opens up about his personal experiences. Through his struggles, he is learning that human emotions are fluid and that emotion is going to be in your business. It is human to live through these emotions rather than ignoring them…

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Stop Asking For Things and Start Building Things

This week I talk about taking control of your problems by taking action. When you have a clear idea that you want to execute, people will want to help you see it through and build your vision. If you want to see results, you have to make them happen!

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Determination Is So Much Better Than Indignation

If you keep a negative mindset and a victim mentality, you’re going to keep your negative attitude at the forefront of your mind. Stop looking at your week with contempt and start taking initiative. In this episode…

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