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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

Identify Dud Employees

Interviewing new candidates can be challenging. How do you know if someone is genuinely interested in working with you and your team or if they are just in it for the paycheck?

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Relationships Are For Giving

Start to think about how often in life, you go into a conversation wanting something from the other person. We don’t want to be selfish, but doing it unconsciously can lead others…

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Creating Atmosphere, Not Environment

Make sure your employees have an emotional connection to the work they are doing. If the work they are doing can fulfill them, they are going to work harder…

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Throw Out The Feedback

People get so hung up on reviews and ratings. But listening to extreme reviews, the 1 star and the 5 star, aren’t helping you grow. Listening to the middle ground is going to…

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A Spoonful of Sugar

Do your employees long for Fridays and dread Mondays? Change your work environment by gamifying your work place. Make fun challenges for your team so they want to work harder. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…

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Addressing Anger Immediately

Anger can lead to a toxic work environment. It’s easy to ignore someone’s bad behavior and not deal with it. But one person being angry in a company can effect everyone’s mood and how they work. If words control you, everything can control over you…

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Revolutionizing The Classroom with Hal Bowman

Hal Bowman joins the podcast today to talk about his experience as a teacher. When he teaches, he wants to make sure that he is having a powerful impact on his students. He has made it his goal to find the most valuable ways teach. He breaks…

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Adapting From Conventional Wisdom

A lot of people hold themselves back by sticking to the way it’s always been done. But in actuality, conventional wisdom is keeping you from being innovative. The people who think outside of the box…

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Tenure Means Nothing; Results Are Everything

Just because someone has been working for longer than you doesn’t mean that they are working harder than you. Hard work is always going to outshine someone who sits back because they’ve been around forever…

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Using Core Values to Drive Your Business with Matt Jung

Matt Jung is the CEO and co-founder of Comfort Research, maker of Big Joe products. When Matt and his co-founder started their business, they didn’t know the first thing about culture. But when their company expanded and they…

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