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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

The Power of an Emotionally Invested Leader

The Power of an Emotionally Invested Leader Imagine this scenario: your company’s sales team has just closed an important deal, […]

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The Secret to Breaking Complacency

Breaking Complacency doesn’t have to be difficult. By changing routines, focusing on accomplishments, and gamifying your work you can overcome complacency and become more productive.

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Employee Engagement is Trash

It’s time to trash employee engagement! Or at least it’s time to throw away all the refuse we’ve piled around it. For the past decade the term employee engagement has come to mean EVERYTHING and…

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7 Quick Ways to Stay Positive During a Crisis

Be thankful – Make a list of things you’re grateful for. Be selfless – Perform a random act of kindness. Find a way to make another person’s day better…

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Tenure Means Nothing, Results are Everything.

During a recent coffee meeting with a friend, we’ll call her Laura, I was reminded of a very prevalent and frustrating situation that many organizations face. Laura was infuriated by the status of the long term employees at her organization. Having been…

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Stop Asking for things, Start Building them

Soon after leaving 10 year long career as a business development professional in the corporate world, I found myself setting a new and exciting goal. I wanted to speak on a TED or TEDx stage. At the time I didn’t have…

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A Case Against Playing Devil’s Advocate

Have you ever received advice from someone that felt more like an attack? Has someone with the best intentions ever offered you insight that left you frustrated or potentially even angered? You’re not alone! Every week…

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Determination Always Beats Indignation

It’s easy to begin something new with determination. A new year, a new job, a new relationship are all opportunities to sprint headlong into something. However, when faced with challenges, adversities, and unforeseen circumstances it can be difficult to maintain a high-level commitment…

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Don’t let Other People go Slow in the Passing Lane

Recently Idaho instituted a new law that makes going slow in the passing lane an offense that will earn you a ticket. After reading an article about how they are cracking down on people that are slowing the progress of others, it seemed to truly be a great message for our lives as well…

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Focus on what you CAN change, Forget the rest.

Many years ago I had a realization while in a frenzy of worry. It was the end of November and the end of the year was looming over me. I had been building and negotiating a huge software deal with one of my clients for the previous 9 months. I hadn’t heard…

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