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When someone books me they get so much more than just a keynote speech! I couple my engaging, tailored Keynote Speeches with some awesome digital assets that help reinforce content and will continue to impact the audience for months after the event.

I want to partner with you to serve your meeting and event planners far beyond their expectations! Lets talk today about how we can work together!

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Bureau Resources and Event Assets

Let’s work together to deliver an awesome and impactful experience for your clients. If you don’t see in information you need, please email me at

Joshua's One Sheet

Keynote Topics


A/V Requirements

Fee and Rider

Stage Intro

Promotional Poster


Adding Value for the Event Planner

Here is an asset catalog of the options I employ to enhance the event experience and overdeliver value for meeting and event planners:

  • Personalize Pre-Event Promotional Video
  • Multi-Week Companion Video Series
  • Downloadable Comprehensive Infographics
  • Personalized post-event thank you videos
  • Digital mini-series magazine

See Joshua In Action

Sizzle Reel:


Red Propeller Speaker Showcase:

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