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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

3 Reasons Why Marketing Is Dead!

Traditional marketing used to be the silver bullet for increasing sales and obtaining more customers. It could incite loyalty in existing clients and coax new prospects into trying your products or services. This is no longer the case…

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Today Is the Greatest Day of Your Life!

When we talk about the greatest day of our lives, we usually think of a vacation or holiday with our friends and family. Rarely do we think of the emotional state we are in on our greatest day…

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The Holy Grail of Business Development: Customer Loyalty

Genuine customer loyalty is the Holy Grail of business development. Loyal customers will not only come back for more business, they will endorse you for free, make introductions to their friends, and protect you from your competition…

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5 Ways to Be More Enthusiastic Today!

Enthusiasm is a powerful tool that can be used to develop positive outlooks, increase productivity, and help people become more successful in our personal and professional lives. It has the ability to incite…

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Staff Leadership

Its not about Staff Management… we need to transition to Staff Leadership! You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within. –Bob Nelson

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Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Lets Describe the 3 Types of Reviewer: Obligated – These are the people that always review the place they stay at or eat at. There are never huge swings in their reviews., Often they just want to feel important…

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