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Blending of Work and Life…

Blending of Work and Life…

First and foremost, Work Life Balance is total bullshit.

You should never seek to balance work with the rest of your life. What you fail to realize is that work is but one facet of life. It is not about balancing, it is about choosing. You have the ability to choose what you prioritize.

The currency of your time is finite and is totally in your hands to spend. ‘Work’ is something that allows for many of the other things in your life and often must be prioritized to allow other things like time off, vacations, toys, living expenses etc.

When people talk about work life balance, all they are really doing id trying to justify their actions. If you use the phrase work life balance, more likely than not, you are trying to rationalize not working as hard as you should or you are trying to justify why you spend so much time at work and not with family.

You need to realize all of you time is a choice. Every day, every hour, every minute is a choice for you to decide how you spend it.

As the lines between working hours and personal hours continues to blend, we need to be very aware of how distractions and divided attentions hinder productivity.

Be singularly focused, no matter how you decided to spend your time.

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