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Balancing Business During the Holidays? Don’t Leave One Foot on the Merry Go Round!

Holidays are a very difficult time in any business. We are torn between keeping momentum in our organizations going or actually enjoy time with friends and family.

All of us are faced with options for how to address this problem. Some people will go to the office to stay focused on work only to be distracted by the call of Amazon’s consumer goods. In fact, Cyber-Monday has been described as the least productive day of the year. Other people will decide to ‘work from home’ where they set up their computer and continually walk by and wiggle the mouse so they stayed logged-in.

What you are really doing in either of these instances is leaving one foot off the Merry-Go-Round. It is impossible to be focused on two separate things at once. When you try to please everyone, all your relationships will suffer. Its not about balancing, its about prioritizing!

When you need to work, then focus only on work. Get things done, finish what needs finishing, and then set it down completely. When you are spending time with friends and family do just that. Don’t be distracted by unfinished projects or unread work emails.

Too many of us try to do everything all the time and it leads to terrible results. Our quality of work suffers and our relationships suffer. Don’t half-heartedly hang out with family or work. CHOOSE ONE!

You cannot both work and hang out with family at the same time. Set clear expectations for your work and your personal life. You will never be able to please every single person, but you try to spread yourself thin you will end up pleasing no one.

Work when you need to work. Be present with family and friends when you choose to do spend time with them.

Be decisive and intentional about what you are focusing on during the holidays. Prioritize what you want and then commit yourself to avoiding distractions.

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