I grew up in a sleepy suburb outside Houston. Even as a child, I was constantly working on businesses. Lemonade stands were too simple and at the age of 10, I employed other children in my neighborhood to help me create and market homemade bug repellant, an all-purpose soap, and was once even grounded for attempting to sell timeshares in my parent’s backyard.

After college, I started selling door-to-door for a credit card processing company. This is where I learned the true value of attitude and persistence. I later moved into software and technology sales. I wasn’t the most polished, but I had a lot of energy and I killed it. One day, I got in an argument with one of my technical sales guys because he was complaining. Why? This is what we do! He was so disinterested, there was no passion. After 10+ years in sales, it was that moment that sent me on the trajectory to build my now consulting business on creating the right culture.

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Josh knows that engagement leads to happier employees and more profit for their company. And when employees care, they do better work and your clients and customers get excited because they can see it and want to join in on the excitement.

Josh has worked with 100s of companies, from global firms to small businesses, including Hilton, ReMax, ConocoPhillips, Sheraton, The University of Houston, Maersk International, Renaissance, and Green Bank. He helps both people and organizations build the right kind of culture as “The Corporate Culture Cleaner.” With 10+ years of sales experience, Josh marries his experience, knowledge and passion to help people enjoy and engage in work again, traveling the country speaking and training audiences, as well as interacting with others in his online course. He lives outside of Houston with his wife, two sons and their English setter.



A little about Joshua:

  • A stellar relationship as a consultant for 100s of major companies and small businesses alike

  • TEDx programmer, curator, organizer, and host

  • Author of the #1 best-selling book “Enthusiastic You!

  • A sought-after International speaker for businesses and conferences

  • Host of the Corporate Culture Cleaner podcast

  • Producer of the Fun at Work Minute Alexa Brief

  • Media appearances include: The Wall Street Journal, LA Weekly, Harvard Business Review, INC., CBS, JobHero, FitSmallBusiness.com, Recruiter, EverUp, Bustle, and The Network Journal. See full list here.

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