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“Josh was phenomenal as our Keynote Speaker!”
President, AIAP Houston
“Excellent! We really needed this!”
Event Coordinator/Education Chair
“I love his message! If every business could get their team to understand and believe in ENTHUSIASM it would change lives!”
Lead Physician/Owner, Professional Medical Practice
“We were very pleased and HIGHLY recommend him for speaking and coaching engagements!”
Educational Chair, Professional Networking Organization
“The exercises and story examples were so helpful. We will be implementing these ideas immediately!”
Managing Director, Organizational Consulting Company
“He not only got our attendees excited about being at the conference, he enlightened them with some much-needed and very practical advice!”
Program Committee Chair, GBTA
“Josh was entertaining, well-spoken, and his message was very appropriate for our session! We would certainly use him again and recommend him for other groups!”
Founding Board Member, International Travel Organization


You always have to ask for a second cookie in life because sometimes you get it! Josh Evans talks about perseverance and asking for the things you want in life. We all have moments where we withhold out desires for fear of them not coming to fruition. Why? We have to ask for the things in life we want if we ever want to obtain them! Use a child like passion to sprint towards your goals and reach your greatest aspirations!


The path back from disengagement is not an easy one. Joshua M. Evans speaks to TAHRA (Traverse Area Human Resources Association) about how he overcame the challenges of being a disengaged employee and took control of his situation to change the trajectory of his life. Joshua now trains organizations on how to create engaged teams, impassioned individuals, and phenomenal company cultures. He truly believes that attitude is more important than aptitude.


Joshua M. Evans speaks at a professional conference about employee engagement and how it is so easy for people to slip into complacency. Everyone starts their role from an excited place, but over time the day to day efforts and constant responsibilities erode team members’ commitment to their roles. How can we re-engage in our work and bring back the passion we had on day one?


Joshua M. Evans speaks at Strake Jesuit Private High School’s Mother-Son Luncheon about the importance of our Perceptions. The way we view situations is not always the reality. Everyone is responsible for their attitude and their perception of the world around them. Are the lenses with which you view the world making it a brighter place or a darker place?


Josh Evans speaks on Data Management through the eyes of a child. He brings this topic to the audience with enthusiasm and humor. Making the subject of data management fun! His lighthearted attitude and positive demeanor leads to great enjoyment by the audience. Speaking to the audience at the International PNEC conference, his spirited talk prompted engagement and excitement from the crowd.


Josh Evans discusses fear and anxieties. Many times our fears as adults are imaginary, just like when we were children. We cannot let things we are afraid of cripple us into inaction! You have to be enthusiastic in your life! Fears are burdens that keep us from being our best selves! Don’t accept a scared you, be an Enthusiastic You!

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