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8 tips for Creating a Positive Workplace

We’ve all been there… in a painfully negative work environment. Pessimistic attitudes spread much more quickly than positive ones, so it is important that we strive for increasingly optimistic cultures in our workplaces. Hospitality, more than any other industry, depends on positive attitudes and enthusiastic individuals. The best way to maintain an optimistic disposition among your staff is to create a positive environment for them to thrive in.

Here are 8 tips for Creating a Positive Workplace:

  1. Authentically complement someone everyday. Being genuine and random with praise to your team will kep your staff more engaged.
  2. Smile 30% more than you think you should. A recent study showed that the mere act of smiling can release endorphins. Doing this can infect other team members with the a sense of happiness.
  3. Focus on solutions, not problems. Indentifying solitions quickly will allow people to move forward with their work. Dwelling on problems only exacerbates the issue.
  4. Ban complaining, for yourself and from those you interact with. Complaints can destroy a team very quickly. Nothing positive results from complaining and your team should be aware of that.
  5. No gossiping. Talk about ideas or events, but never other people. Talking about other people on your team can breed decent and stiffle collaboration. Do not allow your team to engage in pettiness.
  6. Be present in every task you do. No multi-tasking or zombie working. Staying focused can create a sense of purpose and increase productivity. This will create a productive and positive environment.
  7. Encourage input from others. Opinions and suggestions should be welcome input. If someone knows a better, more efficient way to complete tasks, allowing them to contribute will show respect.
  8. Reinforce your positive attitude as often as possible. Its not always easy to stay optimistic and enthusiastic about work. Reaffirming your duty to contribute to a positive workplace needs to be a daily activity.

Creating a positive workplace is a very simple aspiration, but it is also a difficult one. Don’t get discouraged if it takes time. The end results will be extraordinary.

Stay passionate and enthusiastic!

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