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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

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7 Quick Ways to Stay Positive During a Crisis

7 ways to stay positive during a crisis

  1. Be thankful – Make a list of things you’re grateful for.
  2. Be selfless – Perform a random act of kindness. Find a way to make another person’s day better. It doesn’t have to be monetarily based; Compliments, thumbs-up, silly jokes can all have a hugely positive influence in other’s lives.
  3. Exercise – Find some physical activity to increase your heart-rate and endorphins. Walk, jog, bike, anything that gets you moving can help combat negative thoughts and feelings.
  4. Play – Think like a kid again. Give yourself permission to play. Video games, legos, board games.
  5. Create – Humans have an intimate relationship with the ability to create. Find some time to do something artistic and give yourself a creative outlet. Paint, draw, doodle, write, sing, play an instrument, build a fort out of bed sheets in your living room, anything that allows you to be abstract and create.
  6. Connect with other humans (not on social media) – Reach out to old friends, family or colleagues. Have an interaction with another person. We all yearn for real connection during trying times and reconnecting with someone can help you (and them) take a break from all the pessimism.
  7. Organize – Find something to organize and clean. Even the small task of cleaning a table, alphabetizing books, or tackling that dreaded ‘Junk Drawer’ will provide a sense of accomplishment. Completing small tasks prepares our minds for pursuing larger projects.
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