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5 Tips on How to Choose a Great Keynote Speaker

5 Tips on How to Choose a Great Keynote Speaker

A great keynote speaker can significantly improve the satisfaction of people attending a conference. When people have an engaging, entertaining, and insightful keynote speaker they are more likely to obtain useful knowledge that will affect their personal and professional lives. But how do you choose one? Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best possible keynote speaker for your upcoming conference.


1) Decide what your goals are

This may seem self-explanatory, but before deciding who should be your next keynote speaker, make sure you know exactly what you want them to do for your audience. Some audiences want inspiration and motivation while others are more interested in learning new skills or knowledge. Are you looking for entertainment? There’s a reason motivational speakers are so popular—they provide some great advice and humor (along with a healthy dose of inspiration) that can help energize your conference-goers.


2) Consider the theme of your event

You’ll want someone who can tailor their speech to your audeince and make it relevant. If you’re hosting an entrepreneurship conference, you might look for a keynote speaker who can touch on concepts like personal branding, business strategy, and ways to raise capital. If you’re hosting an environmental conference, you might look for speakers who can discuss innovations in green technology and sustainable living practices.


3) What do you want your audience to take away from your keynote?

A good keynote speaker has several goals. They must be engaging, entertaining, and insightful. The audience will remember few main things after the speech. Make sure your keynote speaker is leaving them with big, actionable ideas. They should remember these things in a way that has an impact on their personal and professional lives. Your goal is for them to say wow at how great of a job you did at finding a speaker that connects with them.


4) Think about the emotions you want evoked by your keynote speaker

The first step in finding an engaging keynote speaker is understanding what emotion you want them to evoke. Emotions can include anything from inspiration and encouragement, to strength and optimism. Once you know what emotions you want your audience feeling, it’s much easier to find someone who will evoke those feelings through their presentation.


5) Conduct reference checks

Reference checks can be an excellent way to learn about your potential keynote speaker’s experience and ability, but it is important that you don’t do them until you have invited him or her to speak. Once you have extended a speaking invitation, check with past clients or employers. A quick Google search may also help uncover potential problems with your potential speaker, including any lawsuits or conflict of interest issues.

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