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5 Signs You’re at a Company Culture That Fits Your Work Style

5 Signs You’re at a Company Culture That Fits Your Work Style

A company’s culture can be tricky to figure out from the start. How do you know if it’s the right fit for you? How do you know if it will fit you as your life changes over time? You need to find the right company culture fit. Here are some signs that your company culture matches your work style, and it will make you much happier in the long run.


How to know if you’re at the right company

When it comes to finding work that fits, you know what they say about finding The One? Don’t settle. It’s just as important not to settle for a company culture that isn’t aligned with your own. Here are five signs you’re at the right company:

1. Your daily tasks align with your core competencies: If you can easily do your job without having to rely on others or missing critical information, congratulations! Whether it’s within one department or across departments, maybe even throughout multiple companies; being good at what you do is extremely fulfilling when done day after day.

2. Your team’s skills complement each other well: It’s hard to be effective alone, but collaboration is where brilliant ideas really come into fruition. As such, seeing how your skills align with those of your colleagues will help you know if a company’s true commitment to teamwork extends beyond buzzwords.

3. Your manager doesn’t micromanage: Everyone wants someone who believes in them—and no one more than an employee who needs freedom to explore their strengths and weaknesses (both professional and personal). If you aren’t tied down by restrictions and have freedom to try new things—like set hours or time off policies, dress code, spending time with family—you’ll feel like you have more power over your life outside of work.

4. Your salary/benefits package makes sense: On that note, financial compensation plays a big role in making employees happy too. Although employers don’t always share numbers outright—worried about sticking to budgets or sounding unappealing compared to competitors — there should never be any question whether your compensation falls inline with industry standards .

5. Your company’s values match yours: Last but not least, our next sign requires some self-reflection beforehand. Take some time to ask yourself what matters most in your career today. Knowing which traits make companies worth working for will also give you better insight into yourself as an employee. For example, do you want to develop deep relationships with coworkers? Are long-term career options important to you?

We all want a company culture fit to our style of work.

When your company culture is hurting you

Don’t let your company culture be one of those back-burner issues that you don’t want to deal with. If you’re feeling pain in your job, it could mean that your company isn’t aligning with your work style, and while you may think now is not a good time to bring it up, there’s never really a bad time to talk about changes. Whether it’s changes in the company, changes in your perspective, or a change of jobs.

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