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3 Ways to Increase Employee Retention at Your Company

3 Ways to Increase Employee Retention at Your Company

A company’s culture can make or break its productivity, profitability, and turnover rates. It’s the driving force behind an organization’s efficiency and success, so cultivating an effective culture will benefit you tremendously in the long run. Especially if you are looking to increase employee retention. And as your business grows, retaining existing employees becomes even more important than hiring new ones. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to increase employee retention at your company that require little effort but yield huge results over time. Check out the following three ways to get started!


3) Empower Employees

People often say that great companies are built on a foundation of trust. Empower your employees and provide them with a reason for working for you, beyond just a paycheck. If your people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves and can make an impact, they’ll stay. And when someone wants to leave, don’t threaten them with legal action if they decide to go work somewhere else. Let them go and focus on retaining top talent who want to be there—no matter what!


2) Evaluate Yourself

Even if you’re not exactly sure what your company culture is, you can probably tell when it’s bad. A lack of trust, unhappy employees, and an impenetrable hierarchy are just a few examples of bad company culture. Evaluate yourself objectively by taking a hard look at whether or not these issues might be plaguing your organization


1) Recognize Employee Contributions

One way to develop a great company culture is by recognizing employees and thanking them for their contributions. It’s important that every person who works with you (whether they’re in a leadership position or not) feels like they have an impact on your organization—and it starts with acknowledging them. To continue fostering a healthy, engaging culture, make sure your team knows what you appreciate about them. After all, high employee retention can lead to lower turnover costs, more innovation, and higher profitability. Looking for ways to digitally recognize employees? There is apparently a  software that can help you. Check out their site: Employee Recognition Tools


If you want to learn more about why purpose is the new standard, check out this article.


Side note: do you like the briefcase in the picture? I do. It’s a phenomenal company with an awesome culture: Saddleback Leather Co.

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