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3 Reasons Why Acknowledgment Is Important in the Workplace

3 Reasons Why Acknowledgment Is Important in the Workplace

Acknowledgment is one of the most important things in the workplace for employees to feel purpose and meaning in their work. But, it’s also something that often goes overlooked—which can leave your team feeling unfulfilled. Because of this, you may want to reevaluate how you recognize your employees and how often you provide them with words of praise and recognition. Here are 3 reasons why acknowledgment is important in the workplace and how your business can reap the benefits of putting it first.


Employees will be less stressed

Stress causes unhappiness, and nobody wants an unhappy employee. When workers feel their work is meaningful and that they’re able to give it their best effort, stress is relieved—and we all have a more positive disposition on our jobs. A happy employee is one who will stick around your company for a long time.


Employees will be more loyal

If you show your employees that they’re appreciated, they’ll be more loyal to you. By building their loyalty, you will build trust among your colleagues and encourage an environment of inclusion—the perfect foundation for a great company culture. By allowing them to feel a sense of belonging, employees can better focus on achieving results at work and developing skills that bring real value to your organization.


Employees will contribute more to the company

There’s nothing better than feeling appreciated by your boss and peers. When employees feel like they’re making a difference—even just little ones—they’ll do their best to contribute to the company and its goals. This is true both at work and at home; when children hear thank you, they do more chores without being asked. When a husband feels respected, he treats his wife better, too. Recognition builds positive habits on a large scale.


A simple thanks can go a long way

The most basic form of acknowledgement is simply saying thank you. This simple phrase can make a big difference at work because it sends a signal that your colleagues and managers respect you and value your contributions. After all, acknowledgment serves as an important reminder that your hard work is noticed. Additionally, hearing kind words from a colleague can help to build loyalty, foster inclusion, and contribute to great company culture—all of which are essential for employee satisfaction.


Be sincere when showing recognition

It’s important to recognize employees when they do something right, but it’s equally as important to show that you genuinely care. Use words like thank you and I appreciate that rather than just writing a note or leaving an email. Praise should also be public whenever possible; make sure your employees know that their work is appreciated by other coworkers as well.


Make an effort to recognize your employee regularly. (e.g., don’t wait for an annual review.)

Make sure to give as much public praise and credit as possible. (e.g., company-wide emails, social media, client reference.) Take time out of each day to personally thank your employees. (e.g., 1:1 meetings or one-off conversations.) Be sincere when you offer recognition; don’t force it if it doesn’t feel right. (e.g., don’t just say good job! if you don’t mean it.)


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