Enthusiasm is a hugely powerful tool! It can incite passion in others and it has the ability to help you hurdle any obstacles you encounter. It isn’t a secret that the most successful people in the world tout enthusiasm as one of the greatest contributions to their success.

Everyone has the ability to be enthusiastic. However, not everyone chooses to emote their enthusiasm. Why don’t they?

Is Enthusiasm really the ‘cure all’ pill of wealth, success, and happiness? Of course not! However, If you are not driven and passionate about what you aspire to, then you will never reach it!

Zig Ziglar says “If you aim at nothing you will hit is every time!”

It’s quite profound if you take a moment and think about it. If we don’t specifically know where we are going, then there is no way for us to find our path. We need to make conscious decisions to sprint towards our goals. We must sprint! If we walk it will take much too long to achieve our aspirations.

If you know what your goal is, there is no reason to be lazy or complacent about it! Take the reigns of your life and start heading towards where you want to be!

You want to be happier? You want to be more engaged with your family? You want to be more successful or wealthier? You want to be healthier? You want to lose weight, complete a marathon, or ask out the person of your dreams?

The only way to do this is through Enthusiasm!

Once you apply enthusiasm to your efforts, it acts as a multiplier. It amplifies any action and every result! When we are enthusiastic, it comes out in our attitudes and our actions. We have to look past obstacles and focus on what we desire. To make progress, we must run as fast as we can towards our goals.

You posses the ability to make great things happen. Don’t let things happen to you, happen to the things around you. You may not always have an influence on what happens, but you are always responsible for your reactions and how you respond to events!

Here’s something interesting: There was a psychological study done that showed that the 2 most common feelings that people tend to bring out in others are enthusiasm and boredom! What do you want to be viewed as?

Enthusiasm is never a bad thing! It has the power to propel you into the life that you want. The key is to be passionate and excited!

Get out there and be Enthusiastic!