Defining the Greatest Day of your Life!

When we talk about the greatest day of our lives, we usually think of a vacation or holiday with our friends and family. Rarely do we think of the emotional state we are in on our greatest day. Lets also preface this article by stating that today has the potential to be the greatest day of your life… so far! Daily we should all expect that our greatest days are ahead of us!

It is a very sad thing to speak with anyone that believes they have already peaked. With lifespans lengthening and people exploring new careers after retirement years, the opportunities for greatness are more abundant than ever.

The greatest day of your life is all based on attitude. You can have every material possession you desire, but that would not make it the greatest day of your life.

The greatest day of your life is about fulfillment and contentment.

How to Become fulfilled and be Content?

There are many ways to get contentment and to feel fulfilled. It is important that people realize the only true way to be content is to be happy ones own skin. Confidence has a huge role to play. When we are happy with ourselves and our efforts, we can find fulfillment in all that we accomplish. It’s when we compare our lives to others that we transition into believing we are not successful.

In today’s fast pace, social media infects us with a sense of jealousy and envy. People flaunting their vacations, new cars, prefect weddings, job promotions, etc. are living their lives for other people to see, not to enjoy for themselves. When people view at things on Facebook, Twitter, or reality TV they begin to compare their own lives to what they see. The problem with social media and television is that we are only seeing what people want us to see. If we only look at other people’s highlight reel, we are going to be very disappointed in our own efforts.

Contentment is all about our own inner peace. If we are happy with where we are and what we are doing, then it doesn’t matter if someone else makes more money, travels more, or has a nicer car. We get to decide what influences us.

Contentment is a Choice.

Contentment truly is a choice each of us gets to make. Many people argue that it is very difficult, especially when people are flashing their success in your face. They say it’s so hard to avoid being jealous or envious of other people. How can anyone be content and really happy when other people have such a picturesque life!

People who view the world through the lens of ‘That’s not fair’ will never become successful nor with they ever become content. People choose to see others and to compare themselves. They have made a choice.

You can make a choice too. You can choose to avoid other people’s bragging. You can choose to only measure your success based on goals that you have set.

For today to become the greatest day in your life, you cannot be aspiring to someone else’s!

How can Today be the Greatest? Right now!

Today could be the greatest day of your life (So far). However, you are going to have to accept where you are and develop a clear understanding of where you want to be.

First, you need to honestly look at your situation. Just your situation (do not compare where you are to others). Where are you compared to where you thought you would be last year; 5 years ago? What outside influences have affected your current situation. How could you have handled things differently that would have taken you closer to your goals?

Next, set short-term and long-term goals! Decide where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. By setting goals for yourself and not based on other people’s expectations, you get to take ownership of your situation. Now with goals in mind, set steps that will help you reach each goal. By setting achievable steps, we can judge our progress and become content with our efforts.

Measure yourself against your short-term and long term goals. Are you making progress? Most likely you will be making great strides towards your goals. By focusing and defining your aspirations, they become achievable.

When we are moving towards our goals, dreams, and aspirations we are much more content in our lives. When we are content our days take on a feeling of greatness.

Today will be the Greatest day!

So today may not seem like the greatest day in your life so far. The good news is that like most things in life, it’s a choice. We get to choose how we perceive today and tomorrow and the next day. If we look at each day as an opportunity to move towards our goals and towards the life we want, how can it not be the greatest day!

Progress and productivity always yield the most contentment. Contentment and fulfillment come from the hard work of moving towards a goal, not necessarily reaching the goal.

We all need goals and aspirations. The only way they are healthy is if we develop these goals ourself. When we compare ourselves to others, it is impossible for today to be the greatest day in your life. However, when focus on our own goals, we can take joy and excitement in achieving the small tasks that move us closer to our aspirations.

Today is the Greatest!

Today is the greatest day, so far, as long as you feel like you made progress. You have the power to choose greatness. Everyone can overcome mediocrity! Anyone can become awesome. It’s a conscious choice. Today will be the greatest day of your life, as long as you decide it will be!