Everyone is in the business of serving others… or at least they should be. The best way to build a phenomenal business is to have staff and team members that genuinely want to serve. Whether it is serving the clientele or serving the people they work with, an attitude thats based on helping others will build envy worthy cultures in an organization.

Being selfless in the way in which we serve our guests, clients, and coworkers creates a sense of pride behind your efforts and manifests an intangible feeling to fulfillment for the individual. Lumiére from Beauty and the Beast put it quite concisely when he said “Life is so unnerving for a servant who’s not serving, he’s not whole without a soul to wait upon.”

The selfless act of serving others is a way to bring more joy into the world. It is a method with which to build amazing, passionate cultures within a business. Too often individuals can get caught up in the ideals of prestige or professionalism and forget that the main reason anyone is successful is because of what they have done for others.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

We should all respect the act of serving others and strive to be selfless in our daily routine as well. Looking for ways to be of service to others not only build character in us, it build character in those around us.

Stay passionate in everything you do and when you serve others, do it with enthusiasm!