It’s an interesting question, but lets break it down:

Do people’s opinions matter? Of course other people’s opinions matter. Do I care about their opinions? Sometimes, if I value their input and respect their wisdom.

Lets take a step further: Do other people’s opinions of my business matter?

Only if it will affect my clients and/or potential clients.

Opinions are quite cheap and very populous. This does not mean we have to rebut everything that is said. Social media and the anonymous nature of the internet have made it easier than ever to share unsubstantiated, novice opinions with masses of people. Digital courage gives people the illusion that their opinions matter.

They don’t.

If a client or team member of mine is unhappy, that is something I want to address immediately. It has a direct impact on my life. However, if a random individual in a chat room doesn’t like my business, I don’t have the the slightest care.

We have all heard that we need to pick our battles and social media and online reviews are another place to exercise this advice. So, before responding to someone’s opinion, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this person closely related to my business?
  • Does this person’s opinion have value?
  • Will potential clients/associates see this opinion?
  • Does this opinion truly have the ability to damage my business?


As Winston Churchill said, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

Don’t pay attention to the ‘boos’, they usually come from the cheap seats.

Stay passionate and stay enthusiastic!

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