Every organizations dreads turnover. All the time and money spent on training an employee disappears behind a letter of resignation. How can we lower turnover and make your people want to stay? While there is no silver bullet, here are some tips for reducing the turnover in your organization:

  1. First off, hire people that show commitment. When interviewing potential team members, focus on people that show a high level of commitment in their lives. It doesn’t need to specifically be work related longevity, but they do need to show examples of strong work ethic.
  2. When on boarding, be upfront and explicit about job expectations and timeframe for advancement. People hate to be misled with regards to benefits, job functions, and opportunities for advancement. Being honest and open about the role someone is in helps to keep everything above board.
  3. Pay your team what they deserve. This may seem ridiculously logical, but many organizations hide behind policies and standards to minimize the amount they pay their employees. Doing the bare minimum for them will result in them doing the bare minimum for you and your business.
  4. Be authentic with your team, share the failures and the successes. Employees like to feel trusted. When you have a great success in your business, share it with your team verbally (and monetarily if applicable). When business is struggling, being open about issues and problems can help your organization recover sooner.
  5. Praise great work publicly. Nothing will make employees more loyal than being commended on a job well done in front of their peers. People like to be honored for doing good work and it will make them want to work even harder because of it. Teams that are appreciated are much less likely to look for other opportunities.
  6. Position your organization as the best place to work. Your goal is to be the envy of all others in your market. You want other companies’ employees looking for ways to become part of your team.

If you can cultivate a positive, talent appreciate culture in your company, people will never want to leave!

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