How to Start your Day from Greatness!
Ask yourself this question: What part of your job are you the best at?
Thats where you should start your day.
A bartender once told that he cut the perfect lime slices. He would emphatically state that his lime slices were the best, not only in his bar, but in the WORLD. While this has yet to be verified, he took enormous pride in doing this one thing, everyday with excellence.
He would start every shift with this menial task. He chose, every day, to do this single job with precision and diligence. Then when moving onto the next task, this precision would carry over in his actions and in his attitudes. He actually realized the difference between the days he started by cutting up limes and the days he moved into more pressing tasks. According to him, the days where he started with a minor task that he had perfected, were much more fulfilling and productive. It was evident in his maintained energy levels at the end of the shift and his greater accumulation of tips.
To him is was much more than cutting limes. Doing this one thing well enabled him to reset his mind and focus his center before moving on to more complicated task. This is a lesson each of us can take into our own lives.
When we begin from a place where we can excel, it will help us improve on other tasks.
All it takes is one homer to realize you have the ability. It only takes one extraordinary effort to prove that greatness resides within you.
Precision, proficiency, and consistency is essential to any position, however, to truly stand out in your efforts you have to embody passion and enthusiasm in your work. This is identified as someone’s energy and commitment to the work they do.
Commit yourself to working with precision and enthusiasm today!
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