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Joshua is on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations engage, retain, and empower their people.

In his Keynote Speeches, Joshua is committed to bringing a fundamental shift to the way we conduct business, and it all centers around identifying and living with deeper purpose.

Joshua Evans is a #1 best selling author, TEDx programmer, keynote speaker, adventure seeker, and proud father of 3.

He brings High Energy, Deep Purpose and a Lasting Impact to every audience!

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Help people find their purpose &
unleash their true potential.

Today’s world and workplace are changing in ways we could never imagine. This disruption is taking a major toll in productivity and engagement regardless of role or industry. Many leaders are struggling to realign and maintain enthusiasm within their organization.

The key to resetting teams in these times isn’t found through new complexity but by creating a simple emotional connection to each team member’s contribution. If they can see meaning in their role, they will find fulfillment in their work and know that their efforts have a purpose.

Purpose drives people.

Great companies know that purpose is the single most important factor for productivity, loyalty, innovation, and longevity. Joshua helps leaders provide purpose to their employees to create phenomenal organizational cultures with engaged teams.

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This insightful, fun book provides you with the tools to embrace your enthusiasm and reclaim your passion in life. Through personal stories and end of chapter exercises this book will help you manifest new energy and excitement in your life.

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