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Host of the Wooditch Network’s Corporate Culture Cleaner Show

#1 Best Selling Author, Leadership/Management Training

“Companies with engaged employees are 22% more profitable and have sustained lower turnover rates.”

Previous and Existing Clients:

To be an extraordinary company, you need engaged employees.

Joshua M. Evans—“The Corporate Culture Cleaner”—can help you develop a culture where your team is engaged, passionate, and enjoys their work. When employees care about company success, profitability skyrockets. Together, we can improve performance through engagement and enjoyment to create thriving, successful organizations.  

Through Josh’s speaking, trainings, consulting, and courses, audiences gain a deeper understanding of “The 7 Keys to Engagement”:

  • Communication
  • Perspective: Understanding of big mission/vision
  • Confidence: In job function and taking pride in it  
  • Gratitude: Among teams for the work that other people do
  • Creativity: problem solving and the way in which we apply things
  • Action: Tenacity + Momentum
  • Attitude Over Aptitude

Culture Matters

Everyone starts at a job they are excited about. You get to support your family, work in a whole new field, or maybe it’s your first job out of college. It’s the 650th day that you hate. We’ve all been there. We’re excited about the work, but the day to day stuff gets in the way. We don’t get to do all the work all the time. I love speaking, but I hate practicing. But it allows me to do what I love. I don’t love writing, but I love sharing my message. You love coding, but hate talking to coworkers and clients. But it’s the small price, the investment that you need to make to get to do what you love.

I help people discover how to find solace in the good stuff to move them toward meaning. When you understand meaning, it gives you reason behind small talks to the grander vision and that’s the key to satisfaction and finding passion. When you have a bigger meaning, the small stuff isn’t a big deal. They’re just small bumps on road to success and contentment.

Engagement leads to happier employees and more profit for companies. And when employees care, they do better work and gets your clients excited because they can see and feel that excitement. People want to join excitement. Company culture can inspire clients to want to do business with you—or the opposite.

Host of The Corporate Culture Cleaner show on the Wooditch Network
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