As a highly sought after speaker Joshua Evans provides his audiences with a dynamic and engaging program that promises to provide actionable tools for manifesting Enthusiasm on a daily basis! He challenges his audiences to strive for greatness, discusses methods for overcome fear and anxiety, and most importantly helps the audience walk away feeling empowered and confident.

His programs encourage you to shed your complacent, mediocre attitudes and become an Enthusiastic You!

Joshua M. Evans | Keynote Speaker Houston | Enthusiastic You! |
Joshua M. Evans | Keynote Speaker Houston | Enthusiastic You! |
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Your Audience will Discover how to:

  • Become a Positive Catalyst
  • Set and Achieve Audacious Goals
  • Collaborate Enthusiastically
  • Maintain Engagement in their Daily life
  • Live as their most Enthusiastic Selves

Your Crowd can expect to:

  • Take away Invaluable Tools for Success
  • Be Passionately challenges to strive for greatness
  • Laugh out Loud
  • Walk away with Confidence to Sprint towards their Goals
  • Learn how to Manifest Enthusiasm Daily

Program Details


Becoming an Enthusiastic You!

Enthusiasm has the ability to drive us towards success and the power incite passion in those around us. Its a powerful tool that can create a positive and substantial impact in our lives. No longer accept the complacent, mediocre you. The world is waiting for the Enthusiastic You! Empower yourself with the ability and responsibility to emote your enthusiasm.

Rewiring Customer Experience!

Customers expect more from every business they encounter. What if you could ensure passionate and enthusiastic employees? How would that affect your customer’s impressions? Josh shares ways for overcoming complacency on your team and eliminating mediocrity. The perfect team is waiting for permission to provide extraordinary service to their clientele. This talk will empower you to give them that permission.

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Effective and Strategic Communication

Your group/team will discover how to:

  • Communicate Effectively and Memorably
  • Uncover hidden Opportunities
  • Use Tactical & Strategic Tools for Working with Clients Concisely and Effectively
  • Collaborate Enthusiastically
  • Maintain Engagement in all their Projects
  • Move Beyond features/functions and Focus your Messaging on Value

Building a Culture of Engagement

This workshop assists Leadership Teams to:

  • Incite Authentic Loyalty and Passion in their team
  • Develop Tools for Positive Reinforcement and true Employee Engagment
  • Quickly assess and adapt their Decision making Processes
  • Employ Enthusiasm to Inspire your Team
  • Learn how to Empower their team with Independence
  • Confidently Build a High Performance Team